About Grace

I was born a gifted clairvoyant. I am a seventh generation psychic with over fifty years of experience as a psychic reader and adviser. Through my clairvoyance I have reunited loved ones and brought together soulmates. I am board certified and have been featured in magazines and on the radio. My spiritual work encompasses the realms of healing, entity clearing, chakra balancing-aligning, aura interpretation, dream interpretation, spiritual psychic vibration, banishing negativity, past life regressions and much, much more. Call me today to discuss your options and find the right reading or healing service for you.

Reviews from Grace's Clients

"The reading was great , she was on point about everything!! The best I’ve ever heard, definitely a 5 star. She gave me a correct reading without me even saying anything! Great thank you Mrs.. Grace."



"I have been in search for a real psychic. After talking and meeting quite a few in my lifetime you can tell whether they are real by one clue: whether they ask you questions, or whether they tell you facts. A fake psychic will ask questions to get a feel." 

- Anonymous

Grace is not fake. Immediately on the phone she started telling me facts without asking any questions. She had nothing but my name, and had no way of knowing these facts! I would definitely suggest her because she is the real deal. She won’t sugarcoat or tell you what you want to hear. Because real psychics don’t do that. Go to Grace she is definitely worth it!"


"Five stars! I do spiritual work myself so I knew a little bit about what the future held for me, but so did Grace and in full picture. She does not bullshit. I look forward to visiting her again one day."

- Priscilla

"Grace is amazing and everything she told me was pretty accurate! She doesn’t just tell you basic stuff. She says things with so much detail. Loved her ! ♥️ "

- Adriana

"Grace was amazingly encouraging with my love life she helped me get on the right path emotionally and mentally with my fiancé love you grace thank you"

- Justin

"Amazing reading! It was like she knew everything I’ve either overcome or what I needed to hear."

- Chelsea

"Many say they can tell you or predict but Grace is the real deal. She is absolutely 100 truthful. At first you might think it’s just a scam then speaking with her, you know she’s gifted. Also, she will guide you through whatever it is."

- Lolita

"Grace was great. Very calming and relaxing. She very much told it like it was. Her experience was definitely mind opening"

- Abby

"Grace is spot on every time & I go to her when I need clarity and guidance in life. I definitely recommend her if you are looking for an accurate and helpful reading every time "

- Kori

"I visited this place and met with the wonderful Grace, she is absolutely the real thing; she told me so much, I got such a great feeling from her; she was so accurate on so many things in my life, I barely said anything; she confirmed so many things in my life I was uncertain about. It is up to me to decide to make those changes that will benefit my life. Don’t be hesitant about seeing her. She is wonderful – thank you so much Grace I will definitely share my experience with loved ones."

- Marie

















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