Love Readings
Soulmate relationships come with a certain amount of fate and destiny attached to them, but not all relationships are fated. Whether you are in a committed relationship, married or longing for your true love, you can receive the clarity you need to find out if he or she is meant for you. Learn the truth today, it's just 1 phone call away.


Chakra Balancing
Remove negativity and put positivity back into your life and spirit. You will typically feel a difference after the first session. Grace also provides spiritual baths that will remove stress and empower you. This will give you balance in mind, body and spirit.


Tarot Card Readings
Tarot Cards go back to ancient times. They reveal the truth about the people and events in your life, and the obstacles that stand in your way. They give you such insight that your third eye will open completely. Knowledge is power.


Crystal Readings
An eye-opener for mind, body, and spirit. Crystal readings can bring clarity to your life and vision. Move from confusion and darkness to clarity and light and have hope for a brighter future.


Psychic Reader Grace
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Available EVERYDAY from 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM Central Time.

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